Why You Should Work For Start Ups

Depending on the area of your degree, you may have heard about the big four, which are Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC. These companies are four largest international accountancy and professional services firms, but those companies have a high graduate applicant rate.  

Whilst you’re trying a shot with the big leagues, take a moment to consider working for SMEs. SMEs are small to medium size enterprises with less than 250 employees.

Although most jobs in SME’s are actually hard to find, as they don’t have big recruitment budgets. So they tend to recruit via personal contacts and referrals. Therefore some of the jobs going end up in the ‘hidden’ job market however don’t let that put you off, think of it as a good thing.

But why is it a good thing? Here’s why

You get to take on a variety of work and get more responsibility

A graduate job at an SME will be more flexible than a position at a larger company, so you may not have a rigidly defined role, meaning that you’ll get involved with different types of tasks. It’s also a great way to figure out what you enjoy doing, and discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Being part of a small team will also mean that there is more responsibility on the table, which gives you the possibility of climbing up the career ladder. You’ll also get more control over the projects you work on and build up a little more independence.

You get see how a business is run

You can still see how a business is run in a large company, but might be difficult to get a good view. However in a SME, you’ll be able to interact more with people from every department. Working in a close knit environment, you’ll see how different areas of the business are run.

Less competition

Bigger companies tend to have a six stage application process, whereas SMEs tend to have one application, and one or two interviews.

So that’s a stress reliever!

They recruit all year round

SMEs tend to recruit all year round, whereas most big grad schemes tend to start in September. They don’t have a structured intake, which means it’s a good thing if you’re on a graduate job hunt midyear.