Survival Tips For New Graduates

At last three years of hard work, partying and late nights have come to end; adjusting to graduate life may somewhat be exciting but also uncomfortable. Survival in the working world and in general is essential, so here a few survival tips for new graduates.


It’s tempting to get all hot and bothered after graduation especially when cash is short and you need to start earning a living. Take a moment however to acknowledge your achievement and believe everything will work out.

Sell yourself not the title of your degree

Most employers won’t care what you got in your degree, they’ll just about care that you do have a degree. What most employers want is someone with experience and that can do the job. So take a moment to analyse the experience you have gained and how you can use that experience to execute the job.

Find hobbies

You need to keep productive whilst on the job hunt, having something to keep you occupied helps ease those negative feelings of being unproductive or unemployed. Pick a hobby that you enjoy doing; it could be anything from baking cakes to blogging, and eventually it could be turned into a profession.

Stay positive

You might experience feeling down from time to time, during a job search but you have to find ways to remain positive. It’s crucial to take care of yourself, so when head off to interviews you have that confidence with you.

Try to compare yourself to yourself and focus on your life, occasionally it’ll be tempting to look at those progressing around you, but don’t. You are in your own lane, focus on your own lane, and bear in mind that nobody’s lane in life is straight.

Keep networking

Keep networking but also learn how to build meaningful relationships, take time to understand the person and how they work and learn from them.

Embrace rejection

I was scoping around on LinkedIn one time and I came across a discussion which mentioned employers and following up on applications, ‘I have found employers here to be quite unprofessional. They don’t follow up on interview or applications’…

That is part of the rejection process; rejection is healthy although I do know that is painful. Sometimes employers might be saving you from coming into a job that you might like or won’t be able to progress in by not replying. However I do understand where people come from when they wish employers would let them know why they haven’t gotten the job.  

Tracey Edouard (USA) applied to 167 Jobs before getting a job at Mashable. She interned and then Mashable created a job for Tracey and now she’s a Social Media Assistant at Mashable.

So with that said, keep your head up high and embrace rejection, it’s necessary in life.