5 to 7 seconds is the average time an employer will spend looking at your CV and on average there are 100-159 applications for every ONE job advertised in the UK. With this much competition, it is imperative that you ‘Stand Out’ amongst the crowd. Over 20% of the 1,000 workers surveyed by the BBC said they had exaggerated CV details in order to “stand out” from other applicants. We know CV’s are a marketing tool to promote your ability, but we’ve gone that step further!

A platform to impress

The discover page is a new innovative social space that allows candidates to interact and demonstrate their skills first-hand to employers. Outside of the traditional CV, job seekers can upload visual content that showcases the value they possess, from a campaign video to graphic design, all is welcome.

And the fun doesn’t stop here:

Candidates and employers can like, share and comment on all content posted. The posts that receive the most likes and comments will be crowned “candidate of the week” and subsequently will be viewed directly by thousands of potential employers. This also feeds into our artificial intelligence performamce tracker which helps candidate to become more visible to employers.

Some of the reasons to upload your skills on the discover page include:

  • Boosted chance of employment.
  • Direct communication with potential employers in your desired field.
  • Stand out from the crowd and visually promote your skills.
  • Share and gain useful information from other users.
  • Receive significant recognition for your work.
  • Track your professional development.

How to upload your content to discover page

Step 1: Sign up/Sign in to your FirstEmploy account.

Step 2: On your profile page click "Get Discovered" or On the Discover page click "Upload"

Step 3: Fill in the description of your content e.g Title, industry and description

Step 4: For video files, you can either upload a youtube URL or upload the file directly from your PC/Smartphone (However we recommend uploading via a youtube URL as it is faster)

Step 4: Upload a Thumbnail for a video file

Step 5: Click on submit

Hurray! your video will appear shortly on the discover page and can be viewed by employers.