Cover Letters That Have Secured Roles at Google & Deloitte

The cover letter is not dead! Because recruiters have to scan hundreds of cover letters, we want to help make yours stand out by sharing some of the best ones we have found. Here’s three cover letters that have secured employment at Google, Morgan Stanley & Deloitte:


Sample cover letter for Internship position at Google


Sales Intern

To Whom It May Concern:

Hello, my name is [Name] and I am currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley, majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Chinese. I am interested in being a sales intern for Google Taipei because I want to combine my passion for the sales industry with the technology industry, as well as further strengthen my Mandarin skills.

I believe that through my past sales experience especially in the technology field, I can bring a lot to the table as a sales intern. Currently, I am the marketing and social media coordinator for the UC Berkeley Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership under the College of Engineering, not only marketing and “selling” their events and programs to selected populations, thus increasing registration, but also leading monthly meetings on branding and strategic planning. During those meetings, I also present the data I have organized and analyzed in order to detect the strengths and weaknesses of the strategies currently employed as well as recognize improvements to increase “sales” or in this case, registration, in the future.

Aside from doing sales and marketing for the engineering department, I have also fused business and technology as a campus ambassador for Microsoft SkyDrive. As an ambassador, I had to fully understand and utilize SkyDrive in order to better sell the product and the Microsoft brand, itself, to students. I created focus groups to better understand various perspectives on SkyDrive and I also created advertisements and a demo video to further increase “sales” or in this scenario, downloads.

I also lead multiple sales and marketing projects as a founder and Vice President of Marketing for Pi Sigma Epsilon, Zeta Chi Chapter, a premier co-ed business fraternity focused on sales, marketing and management. Our clients range from local restaurants to non-profit organizations and I lead numerous projects based on their wants and needs, which, most of the time, means increasing their sales and helping them better brand themselves.

As the sales intern for Google Taipei, I will utilize the skills in sales, particularly in the technology industry, I already have as well as my fluency in Mandarin to both lead sales projects and work collectively as a team to analyze data and strategize fresh ideas towards further increasing Google’s sales and strengthening the Google brand. Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Best Regards,



Sample cover letter for Internship position at Morgan Stanley


POSITION: Summer Analyst

Morgan Stanley,

As a current Finance major of the ____ of Business and Management, I am eager to take the steps in the direction of building a value-full career. I have great interest in becoming a Morgan Stanley Summer Analyst. I look forward to the opportunity to work with such a renowned firm, where I am confident that my potential will be maximized and my growth will be exponential.

To my understanding the Morgan Stanley culture provides an environment to cultivate excellence, foster creativity, and encourage improvement. I am someone who allocates all of my time towards furthering my knowledge and skills, by relentlessly studying the industry and its professionals. The purpose of my research and studies is to develop a comprehensive outlook on financial markets and deals. I constantly challenge myself to research and understand different aspects of finance; I draw on these different perspectives and opinions to enhance my problem solving and analytical abilities. I believe I could be a valuable addition to the Morgan Stanley team; someone who could contribute greatly to the success of the firm and could use the firm’s resources, not only to self-improve, but to innovate.

I am most excited to gain exposure in the area of M&A; I am quite intrigued by the intricacies of negotiating a successful deal. I know that at Morgan Stanley I would have the opportunity to experience and participate in the logistics behind a merger or acquisition, and I am confidant that I could prove to be an effective player in a M&A situation; someone who will truly maximize the value of the client and the firm.

As a member of the Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Division I could offer a creative problem solving approach, open-minded analysis, leadership abilities and very effective teamwork skills. To elaborate on my leadership qualities; I was the proprietor of a small ____ company where I hired and lead a small team and contracted a large base of ____ as weekly clients. In a separate organization I was manager of the ____ staff where I directly oversaw five employees, managed and maintained the grounds as well as all boats owned by the ___, managed an operating budget, and saw to the overall quality and efficiency of operations. My experiences in these roles shaped me to be a very useful and resourceful member of any team; I will demonstrate a strong ability to facilitate teamwork through understanding different perspectives, ideas and opinions, and form them into an effective outcome.

I have attached my resume, which will provide my academic record and relevant experiences. I can be reached at _________ or at ______. I look forward to hearing from you; thank you for your consideration.




Sample cover letter for Internship position at Deloitte



Summer Audit Internship

Dear [Name],

My Name is [name], a junior at the University of California, Berkeley and I would like to be considered for a summer audit internship position in the San Francisco office.

I am interested in a summer audit internship position because I believe that it would provide me with valuable knowledge and hands-on experience in the audit practice. After learning about the audit services from various professionals, it has inspired me to pursue a career in audit because of their ability to work with various clients, learn more about the company and financial situations, which has always been an interest of mine. I also believe that I would be able to work with many students like myself, that are motivated and eager to learn, which would inspire me to work even harder and excel as an intern. I believe that I can contribute to the successes of the other students and mine during this internship through some of my previous experiences. I anticipate that this internship would offer for students an opportunity to attain audit experiences, team-building and networking with business professionals, which would expand my knowledge towards my future career in audit.

Over the summer, I participated in the Deloitte Future Leaders Conference, where I was able to network with many Deloitte professionals and learn more about the services that Deloitte offers. I gained very valuable soft skills and had the opportunity to visit one of the clients. I took away many great tips about networking with professionals and presentation skills that I now use in my daily life. I enjoyed learning more about Deloitte’s services, culture and people, which has provided me with knowledge of a firm that I would certainly like to work for. This conference increased my interest and reassured my decision to go into audit as a future career, especially at Deloitte.

I also work at the University of California, Berkeley Office of Undergraduate Admissions as an administrative assistant. I am a customer service representative, who administers support for customers regarding admissions and other services that the office offers. I lead and manage various projects that range from creating a handbook for the new hires as a reference and creating games for children for a certain event. I gained more leadership skills and knowledge about professional mannerisms that further developed my skills. Both my experiences as a participant and as an assistant are some of the things that I can offer to the internship position.

I attached my resume for your review as well. I hope that we can arrange to speak so that I can discuss at greater length the contribution that I believe I can make to this internship. Should you require an additional information, I can be contacted at the phone number and e-mail listed above.

Best Regards,