FirstEmploy is a professional development platform designed to revolutionise the job hunting process for young professionals. We help candidates find the most suitable job opportunities by developing their skills and showcasing them to employers in a professional manner.

One of our founding goals is to make employment social through the FirstEmploy way.

What is the “FirstEmploy” Way?

For Candidates:

Learn: A variety of advance learning courses to help build your skills and keep track of your professional development. Providing you with the tools you need to have a successful career.
Share: A completely unique social platform that allows you to visually demonstrate your skills and engage with budding employers.
Succeed: A real commitment to coaching and supporting our candidates with the latest career development and employment opportunities made available.

For Course Providers:

Opportunity: Creating an opportunity for you to contribute to the development of young professionals through by providing real world skill building courses and learning materials.
Creative control: - Allowing you to create courses and learning material which will develop better engagements with the candidates.
Network: Creating a network of candidates who love your courses by engaging with them and discovering more about their development and how you can support.

For Employers:

Discover the talent: - Showcasing candidate’s skills through interactive videos and content, hereby seeing the candidate’s skills first-hand and discovering more about the candidate before the interview.
Efficiency: - Job posts are very quick and easy to upload, manage and track progress.
Search and Vetting: You would be able to search for candidates based on your requirements and get applications sent directly to your email.