Top Tips For A-Level Results Day

Written by Sarah Oladokun

With results day fast approaching for hundreds of thousands of students, anxiety and anticipation will be kicking in across the UK. We know exactly how you feel, and rest assured you’re not going through it alone.

Recent news has dropped that Grade thresholds for A-Level and GCSE examinations have been lowered to dodge a dramatic fall in results after the Governments new tougher tests were introduced a year ago for students.

But whatever your results, we want you to be prepared and ready for the next steps! So here are 3 top tips given by students who were in your shoes last year to help you prepare for the big day!

  1. Your mind the night before will be running around in circles. Try and watch a film, or relax with your family to try and get your mind off things and reduce your anxiety levels.
  2. Whether you are sure of your grades or not, be sure to take a notepad, pen, your UCAS letter and contact details of your firm and insurance universities. You may need to make a few phone calls the second you get your results and it’ll be best if you are prepared on the spot to get a head start before others.
  3. If you met your grade requirements then huge congratulations to you! But even if you didn’t just know it isn’t the end of the world. Speak to your career advisor, older family members and teachers about your next steps. They’ll be able to help and there’s also plenty of information online to help you too!

All the best with results day, and remember that whatever your results, they do not define you!

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