The UK University System May Be Failing Both Students & Businesses

New research conducted by Intern Tech has revealed that UK graduates have been let down by their university education. A survey of 2,000 UK adults revealed that 28 percent of British graduates felt that their education was outdated. 41 percent of degree holders have taken entry-level jobs upon leaving university as opposed to graduate roles. 45 percent of graduates, on the other hand, have praised internships, stating that work placements have been more valuable than their university degree. In addition, 35 percent of graduates revealed that they have had to undertake additional qualifications and training in order to get the skills they need to pursue their desired job. An area of concern within the UK employment sector is the technology sector, where jobs are high in demand. The most sought after roles in the tech industry include social media managers, app developers, data scientists and cyber-security specialist, however, 48 percent of graduates do not know what these jobs entail or how to secure them. In addition, 93 per cent of UK firms in the growing tech sector has also expressed that the shortage of skilled workers is preventing their businesses from moving forward. On a positive note, 30 percent of graduates have expressed that the country’s departure from the European Union will benefit their job prospects, highlighting less competition from overseas professionals as a major topic. SEE ALSO: 4 Steps To Finding & Communicating Your Unique Selling Points