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Our advertising services offer the BEST possible opportunity of finding that ideal candidate, no matter the requirements. Whether you’re looking to get your advertisement seen by thousands of students/graduates or you wish to source candidate directly, we can help!

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Job advertising:

Post your job vacancy to thousands of ambitious students/graduates from across the country. Our quick, fuss free service means that listings can be uploaded within 15 minutes.

Direct Candidate Sourcing:

With a number of criteria’s including location, hobbies, experience, degree, salary expectations and interests, you can source candidates who match and exceed your requirements directly from our database.

Candidate of week:

Our candidate of the week section showcases the skills potential candidate’s posses and how they can benefit your company prior to the interview process. Additionally, we’ll post any tasks you have to your desired sector and send you the best responses along with the candidates CV & Cover Letter.

Some of the Benefits for using our services:

  • Creative Control– We will allow you to select how you want your ads to look, where you want them to appear, the duration of the ads and how you receive applications
  • Best candidate selection –We’ll email your vacancies to the candidates that best match your requirements. We will also send recommended candidates we feel match your criteria.
  • Job posts are quick and easy: –Post will be uploaded within 5 minutes of verification and an individual newsletter will be sent notifying candidates of the vacancy.
  • All the hard work for you: – We advertise your vacancies on our social media sites, external partner websites and other notable platforms. We tailor all our advertising to suit your recruitment needs.