8 tips for impressing your new employer

Starting a new job is a challenge for anyone. You’ve already got the pressure of being assessed. Then, there’s the conundrum of learning everyone’s names and negotiating a maze of rooms which all look the same. For proof of the blunders a newbie can make, look what happened to this guy.

To help you get through this time, we surveyed 1,000 UK professionals for their advice on impressing a new boss. The results are in and we’ve crafted a list of eight tips for impressing your new employer.

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1. Manage your workload

Effectively managing your workload is the UK’s most popular tactic to make a strong start, with 27.3% of the vote. It seems that by making sure you’re spending the correct amount of time on each task, you’ll wow your new employer with your organisational skills.

When starting a new job, you’ll have plenty of new duties to pick up. So, you’ll need to write a to-do list for each day and prioritise the most crucial tasks. In doing this, you’ll manage your workload and make sure you don’t get behind schedule.

Ask a colleague or your boss to help you plan your agenda, and ensure you allocate enough time to tasks you’re still getting to grips with. That way, you’ll show off your time management skills and make a great first impression at your new job.

2. Listen to your colleagues

When entering as the newest addition to the workplace, another way to impress is by listening to your colleagues. As a result of doing this, you’ll demonstrate to your new employer that you can take note of what you’re told and act accordingly.

When your colleagues are speaking to you, make sure you concentrate and take in what they’re saying, especially if they’re talking about a task which you’re still getting up to speed with.

By listening to your colleagues, you’ll also display how keen you are to learn your duties in the role.

3. Be sociable

Once you’ve started a new job, you’ll also impress if you become sociable with your colleagues and bond with them.

We recommend spending time with colleagues on your lunch break to get to know them better. If you come across anyone you haven’t met yet, show your personable side and introduce yourself when you get a moment. We also advise attending any social events at your new job, too.

As such, your new employer will notice your confidence and poise in a new environment. You’ll show that as well as learning about your new position, you’re going the extra mile to immerse yourself in the company.

Furthermore, chipping in with other colleagues’ work is another way to be sociable and show off your teamwork skills. 9.8% of respondents told us helping other members of their team was their top tip for impressing a new employer.

4. Mirror your colleagues

Our next pointer for impressing a new employer is mirroring your colleagues and how they conduct themselves at work.

We suggest gauging the atmosphere of the workplace and how colleagues talk to and interact with each other. By doing this, you’ll be able to determine the etiquette for anything from sending emails to arranging meetings.

By acknowledging how your colleagues behave and following this in your new role, you’ll impress with how you can adhere to the way the company works and its culture.

5. Take notes

Depending on how many jobs you’ve had, you might be familiar with drowning in notes during your stint as a newcomer. You need to take notes to make sure you shine at a new job, no matter how laborious it might feel.

Keep a notepad and write down any login details and computer processes you need to follow. This is especially important today when many industries use a range of computer programs. The best part of taking notes is that you can do this to help you with any part of the job—even remembering your colleague’s names.

By noting everything down, you’ll impress your colleagues and boss with how prepared you are to take in new information. Better still, you won’t endure that awkward conversation in which you ask a colleague the same question for a fifth time—not a great scenario!

6. Connect with your boss

Building a foundation with your boss is one of the strongest methods for impressing at a new job. In doing this, you’ll form a better working relationship to ensure you excel at the company in the long run.

Schedule a fifteen minute catch-up with your boss each week. Use this meeting to discuss the quality of your progress and bring up anything you’ve achieved in the week. That way, your boss will get an idea of how you’re picking up the job and gain a deeper insight into your strengths as an employee.

Another reason to meet with your boss is to put forward any ideas you might have had—18.2% of UK professionals cited this as their preferred method for impressing a new employer.

By making an effort to touch base with your boss, you’ll impress with your enthusiasm for the job. You’ll also go further to show why the company made the right call in recruiting you.

7. Stay punctual

9.6% of UK professionals state being punctual as their best piece of advice for impressing in a new role. You should stay punctual as it demonstrates your work ethic and professionalism.

Ideally, you should be at your workplace and ready to go ten minutes before your shift starts. Make sure you leave early enough to allow time for delays, too. With that said, if you do struggle to get out of bed on time, take on board our advice on how to become a morning person.

When you’ve started a new job it can be tempting to relax in the glory of landing the job and let standards slip. However, remember you’re still being assessed, especially if you’re on your probation period.

8. Keep the job spec in mind

Another hack to win over your new employer is keeping the job spec in mind. This will demonstrate to your employer that although you’re digesting plenty of information, you haven’t lost sight of the purpose of your role.

So, read over the job spec each week to see if you’re matching it. This kind of self-reflection will also tell you where you need to improve and what else you need to do impress your new employer.

Then, once you’ve nailed the job spec and got to grips with your responsibilities, try taking on extra duties outside of your role—13% of UK professionals claimed this is their favourite way to make a positive first impression with a new employer.

Now, with a wealth of advice from UK workers, you should have an idea of how you can thrive at a new job. Put this into practice and, with a little patience, you could be on your way to moving up the ladder.

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