4 things you do that will drive recruiters away

Job hunting is like dating, in the sense that each side is trying to find their perfect match. You’re sizing up an employer to see whether they’ve got what it takes to make you happy. On the other hand, employers are evaluating whether or not you can fulfil their dreams as a productive and successful team member. Just like dating, there are some behaviours that can be a turn-off in the employment world, so here are five things you may be doing to scare off recruiters or hiring managers. Unfocused CV and Social Media Profiles When applying for job roles it’s important that your CV tells a clear narrative about why you’re the ideal candidate for the job. Some experts actually recommend having more than one CV. Your CV should clearly convey why you’re cut out for the job, in addition, your FirstEmploy profile should mirror your CV, and expand on some of the details including projects you’ve worked on. Recruiters take around six to seven seconds to read a CV. So if you’re CV isn’t clear, then recruiters won’t know what to take away from it. So an unfocused CV could be the reason why recruiters aren’t calling you back. Excessive number of applications Resist your urge to apply to a number of roles that you might qualify for. If there is a handful of job listings that you feel you’d be good for, read the job descriptions thoroughly. Compare them with one another, note the differences and then prioritize which ones are a better fit given your experience, skills, and education. Overeager emails, calls, and follow-ups It can be quite frustrating when you’ve applied for a job role, and then you receive radio silence. Whilst it’s okay to follow up with a professional email, emailing multiple times could scare off the recruiter. If you haven’t heard back from a recruiter confirming you’ve gotten the position, then it’s best to look for another opportunity. Repeatedly rescheduling interviews, and meetings            Recruiters understand that schedules can be busy, and calendar conflicts can arise. However be cautious on continuous rescheduling for phone-interviews or in-person interviews. Most recruiters are often juggling multiple applicants, so by constantly rescheduling you’re making their job harder. So be punctual and reliable.