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On this page you will find our special First Employ retail CV template, created to assist those looking for part-time work within the retail industry. Our professional development specialists have carefully designed this template using the industry’s best CV practices. This will provide candidates with a fine-tuned idea of what to include in their retail

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I have to admit the student budget is hard to live on. We are practically young adults with many bills and payments. From accommodation to groceries, we need to buy all those things our parents always bought for us. Except our parents weren’t living on a student budget. I realise many students find it hard

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Finding it difficult to get a job? Well we’ve listed a few essential activities ALL unemployed students and graduates should be doing to find employment. Alternative Route, Start Up Companies:- We said it in our previous post but we’ll say it again! START UPS, START UPS, START UPS! Almost 60% of the working population within read more

  Your Body Language Speaks A Thousand Words  Body language is very important in selling yourself, your goals and your attitude. It helps build relationships and is particularly imperative during interviews and assessment days. It can be the difference between you landing you dream job, or getting the, “We regret to inform you” emails. But read more

Alternatives: The Start Up Route  For many students, leaving university, finding a job and entering the ‘REAL’ world can be a very difficult and daunting process. The scenario of not having enough experience to apply for the job you really wanted at that large company is all too common. It’s noted that up to 160 read more

  What are the KEY skills needed to FLOURISH in the HR Industry? If you are an undergraduate (or even a graduate) looking to start a successful career in human resources, we have a list of key competencies you will need to hit the ground running. Employers love them! Communication skills Communication skills are deemed read more