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FIVE CV COMMANDMENTS  1. THOU SHALT BE CLEAR AND CONCISE Your CV is the first impression the employer will get of you; how you communicate, how you present and what you think is important about you. A crammed, un-organised CV with bad grammar is a huge turn off. Make sure your CV easy to read, read more

Struggle to Proceed For most graduates, the job hunting process can be very stressful, tedious and disheartening. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 40% of UK graduates are unemployed six months after leaving university and a further 25% are still out of work almost a year later. Alfred Ajani, like many others, experienced read more

At First Employ, we know how strenuous it can be to manage time in the most effective ways possible. So we have created a schedule that will enable you to establish routine to your day, and most importantly balance in your daily lives. This will also enable you to use your time wisely, so that read more

If you have an interview shortly approaching, it is SUPER IMPORTANT that you use these top tips to maximize your chances of bagging that DREAM job. Leave a lasting impression on the interviewer… DO YOUR BACKGROUND RESEARCH! One way of ruling yourself out of potential employment is by not doing your homework! Conducting background research

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